Wisconsin Ambassador Program

Rooted in the Wisconsin Idea, the Wisconsin Ambassador Program provides Wisconsin communities with an opportunity to engage with the university beyond the borders of our campus.

Campus and Visitor Relations employs student Ambassadors, from counties throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond, who are eager to share their UW–Madison experiences, while engaging with your organization, group, school or business in one-on-one meetings, small group discussions or large-group presentations.

Examples of Events Wisconsin Ambassadors Participate in

  • Special university events and activities.
  • Wisconsin Alumni Association Founders’ Day and Send-off programs.
  • Activities/events related to a specific student major or co-curricular pursuits.
  • Grade school visits.
  • Meetings with legislators and community leaders.

Goals of the Wisconsin Ambassador Program

  • Generate goodwill for the university by sharing the resources and discoveries at UW–Madison that impact students and society at large.
  • Promote the value and impact of UW–Madison on Wisconsin communities.
  • Promote the value of higher education.
  • Enhance the out-of-classroom learning of students who serve as Ambassadors, enabling them to further develop their skills such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership, collaboration, teamwork and advocacy.
  • Encourage advocacy for personal, state, and federal investments in higher education.

Who can request an Ambassador?

The Wisconsin Ambassador Program is intended to serve UW–Madison departments, UW affiliates, elementary and middle schools, donors, community-based organizations, legislators, business organizations and civic groups


Wisconsin Ambassadors, including their travel expenses, are free! If additional expenses are required (i.e. meals, lodging, etc.), the requesting organization is required to cover the cost.

Request a student Ambassador

Requests must be made at least three weeks in advance in order to ensure student availability and transportation needs. Call 608-263-0636 or email cavroutreach@uwmad.wisc.edu.