Science & Discovery

Experience the many ways UW–Madison enhances our world through the power of discovery.

At the Geology Museum, you can touch rocks from a time when there were volcanoes in Wisconsin, see sea creatures that used to live and swim where we now walk, and stand beneath the tusks of a mastodon. Find it inside Weeks Hall.

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery houses the private Morgridge Institute for Research and the public Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. The state-of-the-art facility also features a public Town Center, including two unique dining venues: a café and a restaurant with a full-service menu.

Stargazing, presentations, special events and science activities are featured at Space Place. Located off campus at 2300 S. Park St., it’s a vibrant public education center with loads of hands-on activities.

The Physics Museum inside Chamberlin Hall will engage your inner scientist.

The Babcock Hall Dairy Store offers a variety of packaged dairy products made in the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant including a beloved campus hallmark – Babcock ice cream, cheese and milk. Dairy store visitors may also visit an observation gallery on the second floor overlooking the dairy plant.

The Insect Research Displays include enormous African beetles, brilliant butterflies and the creepy crawly. Find them inside Russell Laboratories.

The Wisconsin State Herbarium contains 1 million specimens of dried and labeled plants of state, national, and international importance. Find it in Birge Hall.

dinosaur skeleton at the geology museum
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery