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Campus walking and bus tours are always free to school and non-profit groups, but some campus visit options require a nominal fee per visitor. Please contact the Campus Visit Program at 608-265-9500 for additional rate information.

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Campus and Visitor Relations is here to help you and your students have a great experience at UW–Madison. We’ve managed hundreds of school field trips and can advise you on tour options, facilities, logistics and schedules.

In an effort to provide a quality experience, we require that visit requests are made at least three weeks in advance of your desired date. Please note that many venues and activities fill quickly during peak visit months (April, May, June, and October). If you are planning a visit that will take place during one of these months, we highly encourage you to contact us at least six weeks in advance of your desired date.

Due to holidays, university breaks, and high-volume prospective student visit days, there may be dates on which we are unable to accommodate requests for customized group visits/field trips. Please note that many venues and activities can fill quickly during peak visit months (April, May, June, October).

Directions to campus

Campus and Visitor Relations is proud to showcase our university and expand your students’ education by offering customized tours and visits to every corner of campus.

As the birthplace of the Wisconsin Idea, UW-Madison believes that the boundaries of the university are the boundaries of the state, and that all Wisconsin citizens should benefit from the campus. Likewise, we invite you to expand your classroom by taking advantage of all the experiential learning opportunities that await you and your students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Chazen Museum of Art One of the country’s leading university art museums, the Chazen houses a permanent collection of 16,000 works of art dating from 2300 B. C. to present day.

Carillon Bell Tower Experience the 25th largest instrument in North America, with its 56 bronze bells ranging from 15 to over 6,000 pounds.

Design Gallery The Ruth Davis Design Gallery holds exhibitions that relate to the processes and results of design. We encourage research, education and outreach while featuring the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection as well as undergraduate and graduate pieces.

Various theatrical, musical and dance performances


Camp Randall Tour* Enjoy an exciting guided tour of the 80,000-seat facility.

Kohl Center Tour* Experience the home of men and women’s hockey and basketball at UW-Madison – from the arena to the beautiful Chihuly glass sculpture.

College Life

Babcock Hall Dairy Store Enjoy delicious ice cream treats and a short, guided presentation from the second-story observation deck that overlooks the dairy plant.

Campus Walking and/or Bus Tour Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic tour guides can customize a tour to fit your interests and age levels. Guided walking tours, as well as “step-on” guides for bus or van tours, are available.


Allen Centennial Gardens* Schedule a guided tour to learn about the 22 gardening styles from around the world that are represented in this 2.5 acre site.

Botany Greenhouse and Gardens Introduce your students to thousands of plant specimens, laid out over eight indoor greenhouse rooms and a beautiful outdoor learning space.

D.C. Smith Greenhouse Learn about how this 1500 square foot conservatory helps teach the art and science of using plants to improve indoor living and working space.

UW Arboretum* Explore the restored prairies, forest and wetlands of pre-settlement Wisconsin in the 1,260-acre natural space located one mile south of campus.


Animal Livestock Laboratory* Learn about this environmentally controlled facility that houses a variety of animals for teaching and research on nutrition, reproduction and genetics.

Arlington Farms Explore one or more of the 14 crop and livestock units on this 2,000 acre complex, located 20 miles north of Madison

Biotechnology Workshop Experience what it is like to work in a biotechnology lab, learn about DNA, think scientifically and test ideas like a scientist.

Dairy Cattle CenterDiscover the progressive dairy research that  improves the quality of milk and its production around the world from leaders in supplying nutrition, genetics, lactation, reproduction, farm management and milk quality expertise.

Discovery Building Town Center Tour The Town Center at the Discovery Building is an exceptional destination for scientific exploration. We offer several field trip workshops for students in elementary, middle and high school. All groups interested in a field trip must fill out an online registration form. All 2015-16 field trip dates are full and a waitlist is not available. Teachers can sign up to be notified when field trip reservations for 2016-17 open in the late summer. A tour of the Town Center and a scavenger hunt is available and can be selected on the Campus Visit Request form under “Science – Discovery Building Town Center Tour.”

Entomology Museum* Catch a glimpse of a live hissing cockroach while hearing about the University’s extensive Insect Research Collection that includes 2 million preserved insects.

Geology Museum* Schedule a guided tour to learn about rock and mineral specimens, Ice Age skeletons and more. Note: Tours are not available September 1 – October 4, 2015 due to exhibit renovations.

Ingersoll Physics Museum Enjoy a “hands on” experience while docents lead your group through exhibits from a variety of physical concepts like optics, mechanics, magnetism and more.

Poultry Research Laboratory* Follow different breeds of poultry from embryo to hatching and beyond. Learn how science helps poultry farmers produce high quality meat and eggs while reducing pollution.

Primate Center Visit a family of common marmosets in the lobby. Learn about the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, its research and animal care programs through hands-on activities.

Research Animal Resource Center Schedule a workshop to learn more about the benefits of biomedical research, the ethics of using animals in research, the training required for employees working with research animals, and career opportunities in the laboratory animal field. Students will also participate in an interactive hands-on lab, which can be tailored to fit specific interests.

Space Science and Engineering Center Learn about the atmospheric sciences by touring the facility and seeing the weather instruments on the top of the roof.

Stem Cell Learning Lab View real stem cells under the microscope, practice lab techniques for growing stem cells, and discover the many ways stem cells are changing the fields of biology and medicine. A partnership between the Biotechnology Center and Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, this lab is hosted in Rm 1340 at the Genetics/Biotechnology Center.

UW Space Place* Learn about astronomy and space science during a classroom style workshop including a project for each student to take home.

Social Studies

Bascom Hill Historic District Tour Learn about how the history of the University ties in with the history of the State of Wisconsin. A perfect match for the 4th grade social studies curriculum in Wisconsin!

Native American Effigy Mounds Explore two Woodland Indian effigy mounds. One is a bird and the other is a two-tailed “water spirit.”


* indicates venues that require a nominal fee per visitor.