Bucky’s Classroom

Bucky’s Classroom is a University of Wisconsin–Madison outreach program, committed to promoting the value of higher education among K-8 students across the state of Wisconsin and beyond. The program, administered by Campus and Visitor Relations, provides teachers, students and educational leaders with UW–Madison classroom resources, as well as an opportunity to directly engage with university students. By bringing UW–Madison into the classroom, K-8 students will begin to build a better understanding of college, learn about UW–Madison and discover the importance of establishing a strong foundation for their future, rooted in education.

Read a news article on one school’s visit to the UW-Madison campus.

To participate in any of the Bucky’s Classroom services, please complete one of the request forms on this page. For high school requests, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about Bucky’s Classroom, please email us at buckysclassroom@uwmad.wisc.edu.